IT consulting for companies

ENATE Innova offer personalized advice for SMEs and large enterprises in terms of network infrastructure, telematics internal control and management software, servers, websites, digital marketing, social networks, etc. We have a large team of professionals who analyze customer needs, design a plan of action and support during the implementation phase to be aware that compliance with the specifications.

Furthermore, account also with experienced system administrators can meet any need when redistribute internal networks and servers for any company.

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Fixed and mobile services

Today there are many operators offering fixed and mobile telecommunications services for both individuals and companies. We, along with several agreements with teleoperadores virtual, we can optimize the price that the customer has and improve both economic performance of the contracted services.

ENATE Innova study and optimization services offer rates for individuals and companies to which these have an adjusted rate and pay only what you need and use. Therefore, we offer a quality shopping nearby. In addition, we provide portability for which the fixed and mobile numbers can be maintained, as well as virtual switchboards have all the advantages.

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Technical advice

Innova ENATE provide technical advice for professionals and installers in almost all subjects, we believe that engineers must go hand in hand with other professionals to provide optimal service and quality. Therefore, the constant exchange of information is essential to keep up to date, as technology advances very quickly and keep up to date is virtually impossible.

Therefore, we have specialist engineers offering technical advice on any specific professional and / or business they wish, establishing where appropriate, a cooperation agreement. In addition, subsidies and advice regarding any proceedings against authorities.

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Valuations and appraisals

ENATE Innova offer appraisals of incidents arising and/or affecting electronic and/or telecommunication systems. In addition, we also carry out appraisals and optimization of resources. Also, we specialize in community events and/or business.

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Courses and lectures

In the offices of our company have a training room with the latest equipment, to teach courses and presentations of any kind and scope. We believe that professionals should recycle constantly keep abreast of all the latest technological and regulatory changes to be updated at all times.

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