Today almost all the things that surround us have or may have connectivity to the Internet. Thanks to the fact that they are connected to the network, allow us to interact with them and making everyday movements or actions via the Internet. This concept is what is known as the "Internet of things."

Innova ENATE we have a team that specializes in analyzing customer needs and transform everyday home accessories that allow for a remotely interact on them. In addition, we offer thanks to our platform, remote access to the system from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.

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The inmotic is automation applied to industrial processes, production processes and / or logistics. A ENATE Innova have the help of ENATE Engineering (Engineering Associates Terres de l'Ebre) performed on these projects of industrial buildings, production lines, storage silos, etc. Therefore, cooperation with this company from the start when making technical project is essential to a proper integration of the system.

Thanks to the platform in which we own a ENATE Innova allows us to automate side with sensors, electronics and other liabilities, the industrial process management programs offer cloud and remote control at all times have access to the system.

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While we have home automation or inmotic factory, we can also have "Internet of things" in agricultural processes, ie, apply the technology in rural areas. Therefore, Innova ENATE offer automation services that are carried out in agriculture such as automatic opening of irrigation water. Thanks to our platform can control remotely, from any device, system status and to intervene if necessary.

We have all kinds of solutions, both for irrigation communities, companies, self-employed farmers. Moreover, thanks to the previous study we can determine resource savings and thus to optimize the economics of the sector. We carry out projects for farmland, irrigation communities, farms, etc.

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Living in a city listed as "SmartCity" means having the services offered in the palm of your hand, so you can increase the quality of life of the city. Today everything is connected to the network and make optimal management of the resources of the Internet can positively affect the interests of all such businesses, citizens and the administration itself, as there is a constant communication channel.

A ENATE Innova we provide both consulting and design and implementation of intelligent systems for cities. To successfully lead the modernization of services, we have companies that have extensive experience in the industry to provide the best product.

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Fleet management

Always know where the truck loaded with your product or company car is essential to optimize resources and transmit tranquility towards the employer, as this may reschedule routes and anticipate possible contingencies . A ENATE Innova offer fleet management services in order to know from the mobile GPS position of the vehicle consumption, the mileage and many more details. Even if you have an actuator electronic control of the vehicle can be stopped remotely if stolen.

Thanks to the platform itself can know at any time and from anywhere in the vehicle information. Furthermore, according to the customer can design management programs to their size and needs.

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