ICT Projects

From 1 October 2011 came into force the new Royal Decree 346/2011 approving the new regulation of the shared telecommunications infrastructures. Therefore, we have ENATE Innova telecommunications engineers who provide a service that specializes in technical writing of ICT projects.

ICT projects should always be done for any set of houses, shops, offices, etc. or a combination of these or if they are going to be welcomed it to the horizontal property regime, provided that the number of units is two or more, where the number of units are homes, shops, offices, etc. .; involved.

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Telecommunication Systems

To carry out any project ENATE Innova telecommunications or mobile, television and / or Internet connectivity. Therefore, we specialize in providing solutions to any problems of communication for individuals and companies. We have agreements with different installers to provide close customer service and quality.

Furthermore, dissnyem telematic networks to provide connectivity to businesses and governments requiring access to internal servers and own services. ENATE Innova offer comprehensive solutions from project design to system implementation and giving a rapid response at all times and ensuring the proper implementation of the project.

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Powerful WiFi

Today the Internet connectivity has become virtually indispensable to many people, so users require Internet bandwidth large enough to access the services offered by the network as fast as possible to get an experience user satisfactory. Therefore, improving the network is a challenge for the major carriers but in some cases, they will not get anywhere.

ENATE offers innovative alternative operator with Novatel Digital, to provide symmetric bandwidth in places where cable coverage is not good due to the deployment of WiFi antennas on these powerful transport width band optical fiber.

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Deployment of optical fiber

The networks are fiber optic communication networks that carry information faster today. Therefore, the deployment of these is the order of the day and every day these networks reach more homes, businesses and administrations. We can therefore say that it is a must have this type of connection.

Therefore, we offer advice on planning, design and execution of deployment / installation of fiber optic networks, whether they are buried or "stolen." ENATE Innova has an agreement with Novatel Digital telephone operator to provide a comprehensive solution when deploying these networks.

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Study coverage

To improve telecommunication services in ENATE Innova studios offer coverage of all types of connectivity (3G, 4G, WiFi, WiMAX, DVB ...) and any telecommunications operator, thus ensuring an optimal operation services hired. In addition, we perform studies to reduce power optimization service user and / or company has contracted.

We have programs and measuring instruments advanced in the market to offer a complete and concise. Moreover, in case of loss of coverage and / or impairment of the contracted service, we offer communication alternatives in order to provide a correct connection with a minimum bandwidth guarantee.

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